Alertive News November 2020



The NHSX framework for Clinical Communications launched back in July was targeting the finalisation of regional budgets by the end of September to release Trusts to apply for funding to support their plans at that point. This hasn’t quite happened yet with the timeline for this step pushed back to the end of the year. NHSX and the procurement support team have done a great job of raising awareness of the need to replace pagers with modern technology, however, there is some uncertainty in the market due to the timescales and structure of the framework. Due to the high priority of Clinical Communications projects, a number of Trusts are looking to do this without the funding support yet in place. We’re sure this will be resolved shortly as we know the procurement support team are on the case.

Alertive are an approved supplier on the Clinical Communications framework with our partner, SoftCat.

We’ll be adding some more detailed thoughts on our observations on the procurement process on our news page shortly.



iOS 14 was released during the month where the big talking point was the addition of widgets which for the first time alters the appearance of the home screen. We will be adding some widget options to our application shortly.

Our IOS product is looking great with some helpful new features added in the last month including non-critical alerts – an additional setting that respects device settings if an alert is not absolutely critical, home screen actions that create shortcuts through long-pressing the app; and context menus, which provide a shortlist of recommended responses to conversations initiated by long pressing on a conversation. We’re also developing our onboarding process to make it more welcoming – some example screenshots shown below:


For the 3rd successive year we are excited to be attending the Health Partner Network event to be held on the 17th and 18th of November. A huge amount of investment has been put into ensuring that the virtual platform provides the same excellent, close-contact engagement we have enjoyed at previous events.

The platform will provide the ability for us to fit in some great conversations and we are delighted to be able to offer a number of delegate passes to anyone that is interested in meeting up. Please drop us a note at to confirm your interest in meeting or register with the event using the following link HPN Expo Registration.



We have started to work in earnest with our NHSX partner Softcat and expect that we’ll be able to announce our first few joint customers once the framework funding is finalised. We’ve also started working with Apple mobile device management specialists Jamf and believe we can deliver an enhanced customer experience and security by working together.



We like to be keep our fundraising activities relatively low-profile as we see these as enabling events rather than achievements, however we were pleased to close a significant fundraising round in the last month as validation of the work we’re doing with our customers and the ways in which we can help them.