Stay Alert. Clarify priorities. Deliver outstanding care.

Alertive build mobile and desktop applications that simplify teamwork for critical care workers, connecting them with relevant colleagues and the patient information required to make decisions, at the point of care.

Developed in partnership with our NHS Trust partners, our integrated communication and workflow products help speed up treatment, improve staff efficiency and reduce clinical risk.

What we offer

Critical Alerting

Remove confusion, wasted time and unanswered bleeps through dated paging systems. Receive simple clear instructions or questions directly to your phone or tablet, with the ability to acknowledge and respond, as well as hunt for relevant team members to divert or escalate alerts.

Clinical Tasks and Priorities

Find better ways to manage spikes in activity and challenging workload, by prioritising and allocating tasks more efficiently to colleagues, who are available and able to help. Our integration capabilities also make it easy to capture and share patient details and to set requirements and timings.

Clinical messaging

Speed up clinical decision making and save 17% of your junior doctor’s time through direct and secure two-way conversations. Automatically attach patient related messages to their records, which along with all related conversations, are stored in a secure, auditable archive.

Event Monitoring

Receive real-time updates on changes in patient status, as well as recently released results, using Alertive’s API and Bot frameworks. Alertive’s workflow product also powers other features, such as transcribing conversations or test results to other clinical systems like the EPR or EDMS, and creating process automation.

Accredited with

The Alertive Promise

Security & encryption

We use biometrics, FaceID and secondary PINs to secure the application. We also follow the NCSC’s 10 steps to Cyber Security, are CE accredited and meet the standards of the NHS IG Data Security and Protection Toolkit. All application data is encrypted at rest and in transit.

ISO & standard compliance

We are committed to ensuring we meet the highest quality and safety standards in the industry. Therefore, we are GDPR compliant, ISO27001 accredited and employ a Clinical Safety Officer who leads our clinical risk management strategy (DCB0129).

Auditable archive & reporting

We maintain a dedicated data and orchestration server for each Trust.  This server captures a fully auditable trail of all messaging and alerting activity, and is used to drive data reports of activity and performance as well as measure outcomes.

Connectivity assurance

At Alertive we take connecting clinicians very seriously.  Therefore, our app utilises any available data connection to ensure the safe and secure delivery of your messages over  3/4/5G or WiFi, with 100% delivery knowledge. It also holds the capability to hunt, divert or escalate messages or failover to SMS or Voice, if and when required.

WorldClass Support

We provide a dedicated support team who can be accessed 24/7 via phone, email or chat. We follow ITIL principles in relation to problem and incident management, and any changes to systems are managed through an informed change approval process.

Full Device support

Whether personal (BYOD) or provided-for-work, Alertive operates on smart mobile devices or tablets (iOS and Android) as well as on desktops (Windows and MacOS). With our engineering team constantly working with our device partners, we use and implement latest device features as quickly as possible.


Mobile is in our DNA. We have over 20 years of experience in developing, managing and maintaining critical mobile projects. Our team has encountered, understood and solved countless challenges relating to privacy, security, battery management and connectivity to name just a few. Therefore, our roadmap defines the commitment we make to our customers, ensuring long-term value by solving the challenges they face in the best possible way.