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Existing communication systems create bottlenecks in the patient pathway and don’t provide an effective vehicle for sharing patient-related information. This leads to low levels of staff morale, delays in care pathways and hospitals becoming overwhelmed.

Alertive connects healthcare professionals at the point of care and relevant colleagues with all the information they need to make better decisions to improve patient outcomes. We empower healthcare providers to deliver higher-quality care to patients with more effective, efficient and motivated staff. 

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What Our Customers Say ...

John Wintour-Pittom Head of Operations Trust Telecoms & Thames Net Services, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

"When we started our journey, there was a measure of – ‘it can't be done’. Slowly, together, we are challenging that myth, it can be done, and we have done it! In addition to routine and emergency messaging, we are doing some great things with this digital technology, from documenting attendance at ward rounds to working with improved reporting to analyse workload impact across different roles."

Nancy Fontaine Chief Nurse, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Trust

"Burnout is a pivotal part of clinical and non-clinical colleague's working life at the moment, and Alertive has already started transforming somebody's daily work. We know from our laboratories that when they were trying to bleep through to clinicians for results and urgent results, it was taking 54 minutes - it is now down to four minutes."

Beth Allen Digital Nurse Implementer, The Christie NHS Trust

"The Alertive application has offered our staff with a wider range of options in order to clinically communicate with each other, and this is something that staff have wanted and appreciated. Staff here at The Christie have found benefit in having the different alert types such as 'urgent clinical request' and 'task' to illustrate the urgency of this request. "

Helen Pardoe Chief Clinical Information Officer, The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust

"A big problem Alertive has helped solve is patient flow. We thought Alertive would just be communication between doctors and nurses. However, the whole organisation uses Alertive - service managers, admin, and switchboard - everybody's now involved in looking after patients. It's improved patient flow as communication's so much quicker."


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Product Differentiators

Any Device

Delivering fully secure, bring-your-own-device compliant messaging on any device enables a Trust-wide rollout.


Interoperable with hospital systems, including telephony, EPR and pathology systems - improving productivity.

Rapid Feedback

Providing rapid responses such as in-app delivery confirmations supports improved patient care and protects staff welfare.

Flexible Comms

The flexibility of multiple communication modes promotes clear visibility of priorities & improved levels of communication.

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About Alertive

Our Story

Alertive was created to improve the lives of healthcare workers. Driven by the recognition that healthcare workers are the backbone of our healthcare system, their ability to communicate and collaborate effectively is critical to delivering exceptional patient care. Our application is designed to make this process more streamlined and efficient, allowing healthcare workers to focus on what they do best – caring for patients.

Our Mission

To build great software products for the individuals who provide healthcare, improve their working lives & to empower them to focus their time on high-value patient interactions.

Our Team

Alertive is led by our Co-CEO's Matthew Gauler and Kevin Douglas, with support from a committed team with backgrounds in healthcare, and technology.

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Meet Our Team

Matthew Gauler

Co-Chief Executive

Kevin Douglas

Co-Chief Executive

Gill Sibthorpe

Head of Product

Paul Lawrie

Customer Operations Director