Empowering Nurses with the Right Tools

Nurses have more time for patient care and less stress and burnout.

Real Results, Real Impact

Our customers have reported substantial benefits from using Alertive.

Time Savings

Nurses using Alertive have reported saving up to 52 minutes per shift.

Up to an hour

63% of users reported saving up to an hour per shift

1-2 hours

28.3% of users reported savings of 1-2 hours per shift

3+ hours

8.7% of users reported saving over three hours per shift

Streamlined Diagnostics

With Alertive, you can request diagnostics directly, track their progress, and receive automatic notifications when results are available. Results are even included directly in follow-up messages.

"Alertive has transformed our daily work, reducing communication time from 54 minutes to just just four minutes."


93% reduction in accessing pathology results

Combat Burnout with Alertive

We understand that nursing can be mentally and emotionally taxing. Alertive is not just a communication tool; it's your champion in managing stress and working more efficiently. 

Staff Well-being

Recent survey results demonstrate that healthcare staff using Alertive reported levels of burnout 24% lower than non-users. 

If you can reduce the time it takes to communicate between a nurse and a doctor, you release time back to that staff member to care for their patients and have that patient-facing relationship. Therefore that reduces the stress on a staff member, and it helps reduce burnout. Alertive helps to reduce stress among clinical staff in the NHS through this time-saving.


Staff using Alertive reported levels of burnout 24% lower than non-users.


Staff using Alertive reported levels of job-related stress 47% lower than non-users.

Stress Reduction

When measuring levels of job-related stress, Alertive users scored 47% lower than staff who were not yet using the product.

What Alertive brings is an immediate response. You can see on Alertive that somebody has received and read that message from you. Alertive is improving patient safety, reducing staff stress and allowing people to continue their work in their roles.

Low-Stress Communication

Alertive keeps you connected with your co-workers and loved ones while reducing unnecessary notifications, leading to a 43% decrease in communication-related stress compared to staff not yet using the product. 

These statistics highlight the platform's effectiveness in helping healthcare professionals navigate daily challenges and create a less stressful work environment.


Staff using Alertive reported levels of communication-related stress 43% lower than non-users.

What are people saying about Alertive

Join the community of healthcare professionals who rely on Alertive to enhance their practice.

Emily Wells

Chief Nurse Information Officer, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Joanna Eley

Head of Digital Nursing, The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust

Nancy Fontaine

Chief Nurse, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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