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"Alertive allows for safe communication between clinicians … the messages getting through will help reduce risk to patients, ensuring that those urgent and critical alerts get through promptly and prompt messaging will allow prompt care for patients."

Emily Wells, Chief Nurse Information Officer, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Trust

Any Device

Delivering a fully secure, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) compliant messaging on any device enables a Trust-wide rollout.


Interoperable with hospital systems, including telephony, EPR & pathology systems helping to improve productivity.

Rapid Feedback

Providing rapid responses such as in-app delivery confirmations supports improved patient care and protects staff welfare.

Flexible Comms

The flexibility of multiple communication modes promotes clear visibility of priorities & improved levels of communication.

"It's helped our flow and site management. We've talked to staff about how much time they've saved. It's just been fabulous in terms of how it's changed the organisation's culture and how we can interact with other people."


of staff saving 1+ hour per shift


Reduction in avg response times


reduction in wait time for results

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Helen Pardoe

CCIO and Surgeon, The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust

Alistair Steel

Consultant, East of England Adult Critical Care Transfer Service

Joanna Eley

Head of Digital Nursing, The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust

Nancy Fontaine

Chief Nurse, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Customer Quotes

You can send a range of alerts on the system, whereas before, you could only send one bleep, which can be for either a very sick patient or a non-urgent task that can be assigned for tomorrow. It allows you to prioritise your day a lot easier.

Oliver Holman Junior Doctor

The Alertive app has offered our staff a wider range of options in order to clinically communicate, and this is something that staff have wanted and appreciated. Staff have found benefit in having the different alert types to illustrate the urgency of this request.

Beth Allen Digital Nurse

What Alertive brings is an immediate response. You can see on Alertive that somebody has received and read that message from you. Alertive is improving patient safety, reducing staff stress and allowing people to continue their work in their roles.

Nancy Fontaine Chief Nurse

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