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Seamless and Secure Communication for Hospital Staff

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With Alertive’s secure clinical messaging platform, healthcare providers can send and receive messages quickly and securely, enabling better patient care and improved outcomes. 

Read the full Innovations in Patient Care Campaign within The Guardian here.

Benefits Realised


Emergency Response –

The move to a digital solution for critical care teams marks a revolutionary shift in hospital communication. With a 40% reduction in non-attendance for non-urgent alerts, Alertive ensures …

Dynamic Team Assembly –

In urgent care pathways, enjoy a remarkable 49% reduction in response times, ensuring timely interventions.


Interdepartmental Communication –

Coordinate patient care effortlessly across departments and organisations, with 38% of staff reporting over one hour saved per shift.

Workload Management and Compliance –

Leverage improved reporting capabilities to manage workloads, capacity, and compliance. Experience a 93% reduction in missed critical alerts.


Integrated Diagnostic Communication –

Integrate diagnostic and patient information seamlessly into communication channels, resulting in a 92% reduction in update times.

Empowering Staff –

Efficiently share critical information, leading to a 46% reduction in stress levels among healthcare professionals.


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