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I've misplaced my username or password - How do I recover it?

In most cases we integrate directly into your Trust’s Active Directory. If this is the case you can reset your password yourself or send a request to your internal IT team.

How do I find other users?

The application has a contacts directory that can be used to search by Name, Role or Group

I'm off duty but am still receiving notifications. What do I do?

There are a couple of things that could cause you to receive notifications after you’ve finished your shift.   To help ensure you don’t continue to receive notifications you can:

  • Ensure you’ve relinquished any roles you aquired during your shift
  • Mute notifications
  • Enable “Do Not Disturb” on your device
  • Log out of Alertive

I can't remember and need my Org ID. How do I recover it?

You have a few options here, either:

  • ask a colleague to look it up within “info” in the application
  • ask your IT Team
  • Request a reminder through the application
  • email Alertive Support

How do I turn off notifications?

The application will honour the settings on your device so simply turn off notifications at device level.

How do I adopt or relinquish a role?

This can be done from within the Alertive application, either by yourself if you have the appropriate permissions or by another user with admin privileges.

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What state does my device need to be in to accept notifications?

It just needs to be turned on with the user logged in

What should I do if I have accepted a task but can no longer complete it?

You can indicate in the application that a task has been “Blocked” and provide context in the message thread

Can you include a deadline into tasks?

At this point deadlines should be added manually with the attribute being added in a later release.

As a Co-ordinator how do I see who is available to fulfil a task?

This is either picked up from the shift register or if roles have been populated tasks can be assigned to roles.

Can tasks be reassigned if a colleague is unable to complete a task?

Yes, co-ordinators can easily remove and add participants to any particular task

Do tasks have an expiry timeline?

The expiry time for tasks is determined by the Trust during configuration.

Data & Security

Is our data secure?

Yes. Alertive complies with the National Data Guardian’s Data 10 Security Standards, are Cyber Essentials accredited and meet the standards of the Data Security and Protection Toolkit. All app data is encrypted at rest and in transit.

Where is data on the hosted product held?

Data is retained as necessary on secure servers in the UK.

How are users authenticated?

Authentication happens via HTTPs to Active Directory to ensure your credentials stay secure 

Does the system maintain a full auditable archive of messages?