How the use of roles helps healthcare professionals

Sending a message or task to roles rather than an individual bypasses the switchboard and leads to faster communication and collaboration between hospital staff. Previous research found an average connection time of 149 seconds when calling a switchboard operator.

25% of calls in a hospital are attempts to identify a responsible individual for a specific role.

Current technology tools used in hospitals have limitations, such as the challenge of identifying the appropriate individual to contact for specific information. 

Roles Phone Screens

Product Differentiators

Any Device

Delivering fully secure, bring-your-own-device compliant messaging on any device enables a Trust-wide rollout.


Interoperable with hospital systems, including telephony, EPR and pathology systems - improving productivity.

Rapid Feedback

Providing rapid responses such as in-app delivery confirmations supports improved patient care and protects staff welfare.

Flexible Comms

The flexibility of multiple communication modes promotes clear visibility of priorities & improved levels of communication.

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