Edison™ Accelerator Programme 2022

This year’s mission: Build an ecosystem of healthcare providers, industry players and start-ups to develop, integrate and commercialise digital solutions to drive the digital transformation of healthcare.

Seven digital health start-ups have joined the Edison™ Accelerator 2022 – a programme designed by GE Healthcare in partnership with Wayra UK to accelerate, validate, and scale innovative solutions that address significant challenges in the healthcare sector.

It brings together healthcare providers, start-ups and scale-ups who want to leverage the GE Healthcare environment and mentoring to enhance their value proposition. The programme is focused on innovation adoption, launching solutions for validated problem statements with active participation from healthcare provider partners.

This year’s focus is on applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to augment medical imaging with the potential to transform healthcare delivery. AI is poised to increase productivity and the efficiency of care delivery and allow healthcare systems to provide better care to more people. AI can help improve clinicians’ experience, providing them with more time to spend on delivering patient care and can help in reducing burnout.

This year’s programme aims to tackle three key challenges experienced in the healthcare sector. The first is around workforce shortage, the second is around the adoption of AI tools in the cardiology department, and the third is accelerating AI adoption in the clinical space.

“Access to data is quite often a barrier for start-ups to develop their products. In healthcare, the situation can be even more difficult given the complexities of sharing data. This programme successfully breaks this barrier and promotes the creation of a strong collaborative data ecosystem.”​ Bruno Moraes, Managing Director, ​ Wayra UK​

Track 1: Creating the Workforce of the future together
In the following months, Alertive will work with GE Healthcare, East Midland’s Imaging Network (EMRAD) and Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to create a proof of concept that demonstrates how radiologists can intelligently and efficiently refer patients to the right clinician to streamline the patient journey. This will be tested across Trusts to create a model for patients to be referred across organisations and support networks like EMRAD.

We are excited to be part of this program and collaborate with these forward-thinking organisations to solve real-world problems that get in the way of delivering effective care.
About GE Healthcare: GE Healthcare is a leading innovator enabling precision health by integrating clinical care and data across the patient journey through innovative products, digital tools and solutions that simplify decisions making, accelerate care delivery and improve patient outcomes.

About Wayra UK: Wayra is Telefónica’s Open Innovation Hub with a presence in 10 countries. Wayra is the largest global Open Innovation Hub, run by entrepreneurs. Marry this with unparalleled access to networks, capital and corporations; Wayra turns start-ups into scale-ups.