Change in communication methods

We are now connecting over 18,000 healthcare professionals across the NHS and are excited to announce the next release of Alertive. We have just launched a new way to collaborate with your colleagues. We have expanded our messaging tools and now offer full attachment support. In addition to images, users can communicate more effectively by also securely sharing video clips, voice notes and many other types of  documents.

Attaching Video

Record video clips in-app and send them to colleagues to show them precisely what is happening, or record yourself as you speak.

Attaching Audio

Record and exchange voice notes allowing you to continue to work asynchronously and manage your priorities effectively.

Attaching Documents

Exchange all common file types such as PDFs, spreadsheets and word documents.

Attaching Images

You can now upload existing photos from your gallery. This is especially useful if you need to send a few images simultaneously!

Attaching images
"Prompt messaging will allow prompt care for patients."

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