Funding Opportunity for NHS Trusts

Funding Opportunities


There are now under two weeks to apply for funding through the Digital Health Partnership Award. The deadline is 24 June at 5 pm – details here.

The Digital Health Partnership Award is focused on leveraging the value partnership working can bring in delivering and accelerating digital health technology projects within the NHS. We know that delivering digital health solutions to support patients and improve outcomes is a focus of many NHS organisations across the country. However, the management, resourcing and delivery of these projects can often prove challenging.

We, alongside trusted partners that have been successful with numerous comparable bids already, are happy to support NHS Trusts looking to prepare proposals for Capital and Revenue funding to help purchase Alertive to support system efficiencies.

Alertive is the leading provider of digital Clinical Communications with 15 NHS Trust customers. Alertive replaces outdated and non-compliant communication methods and provides a mechanism for unlocking digital transformation. Users are reporting savings of over 3 hours per shift (9.6% of users in a recent customer feedback exercise) and much faster response times, unlocking more time for patient care and reducing the pressure on staff.