Celebrating Success: Alertive's Role in Reshaping Emergency Care at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals

Enhancing Emergency Care

The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has witnessed a significant improvement in its emergency care services thanks to a collaborative effort involving multiple initiatives. The integration of Alertive has been instrumental within this wider strategy, contributing significantly to the enhancement of patient triage efficiency. In 2023, Alertive helped ensure that over 1,500 more patients were admitted, transferred or discharged per month within the target 4 hours compared to the previous year. This achievement underscores the collective commitment to overcoming communication challenges and operational bottlenecks that had previously constrained critical care delivery. 

Outdated communication methods contributed to delays that hindered patient-care decisions, impeded patient flow, and disproportionately impacted junior staff. These inefficiencies highlighted the urgent need for innovative solutions. Alertive was a key component in addressing these issues.

"Alertive has enabled the team to be transparent with communication by alerting, informing and updating wider teams in regard to escalation and potential problems. As most issues require a collaborative approach requiring multiple teams and individuals to be informed in real-time, Alertive solves that problem, and no more time wasted on the phone and invariably not being able to get through to key individuals."
Johnny Wells
Johnny Wells
Emergency Department Lead Matron

Alertive has played a valuable role in increasing operational efficiency. Its impact includes a 7.95% increase in managing patients within the four-hour target. It has also been reported to significantly reduce ambulance wait times thanks to efficient patient flow coordination between the RATS, ED, and Ward teams.

Enhancing Emergency Care - Graph

The graph above demonstrates not only the impact of Alertive but also the sustained improvement in patient management within the four-hour window. This improvement is a testament to the enhanced operational efficiency and the faster patient turnaround time achieved through the collective efforts at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals. Over 7,600 healthcare professionals are utilising Alertive, exchanging 77,000 messages and 4,500 alerts monthly, facilitating a level of transparency and collaboration previously unattainable. 

Key Transformations Enabled by Alertive:

  • Digital Referrals: Transitioning to digital referrals has streamlined communications and accelerated response times.
  • Enhanced Communication Channels: Facilitating quicker, more informed decision-making through real-time updates. 
  • Efficient Referral Resolution: Minimising delays by quickly addressing misdirected referrals and improving overall response times.
  • Optimised Patient Throughput: Improved collaboration has enhanced patient flow within the ED, improving bed management and coordination 
  • Elevated Patient Care Standards: Strengthened communication infrastructure has impacted decision-making processes, enriching the quality of patient care outcomes. 

While the implementation of Alertives marks a significant achievement, it’s essential to place these within the context of a larger, integrated effort to advance service delivery standards within the NHS. The evolving landscape of healthcare necessitates a cohesive approach where innovative solutions like Alertive are part of a holistic strategy aimed at achieving excellence in urgent and emergency care.

Congratulations to the team at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust for their dedication to innovation and patient care. The collective efforts of all involved have been instrumental in realising these advancements. Looking ahead to our ongoing collaboration and the 2024 roadmap, we are excited about the potential to sustain these improvements and further harness integrated solutions in healthcare.