The NHS Talks!

Alertive are currently working in partnership with eight NHS trusts, and as part of our new product launch, we are proudly sponsoring the thoroughly entertaining PNE podcasts. Hosted by the talented Jack Jacob, these insightful podcasts open a previously closed door into the stories and backgrounds of some of the most influential people in the NHS.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has had a big impact on face to face meetings and we haven’t been able to take part in events. However, we have adapted our services by launching podcasts to add value to the community” Jack told us when explaining this new venture.

The National Health Service is one of the greatest attributes of the UK; a system that we all depend upon and a service that we often take for granted. Through these exclusive interviews, you can catch a rare glimpse into the lives of some of the people who enable the NHS to be as incredible as it is, and discover how they are using their influence to keep it improving.

Sit back and relax as you hear how Chief Information Officer at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, and Chair of the London CIO Council, Lisa Emery worked her way up from filling doughnuts with jam to her current role as CIO.  Prepare to be wonderfully entertained by David Walliker, Chief Digital and Partnerships Officer at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.  David talks candidly about his “Wenglish” speaking childhood and how he gained his first job by impressing his employer with a trophy cabinet! Occupational Therapist Phillipa also chats with Jack about how her brother’s motorcycle accident shaped her career in the NHS.

You do not want to miss this!