What our users think about Alertive

Jo Eley, Head of Digital Nursing:

“With Alertive, you can see very clearly who it is, your messaging, you can see very clearly the response, and you can see whether or not that message has reached that person. So, it has helped to reduce the inappropriate bleeps within the organisation … So actually, what you can do now is stay with your patient. You can send a message to that doctor, allied health professional, or whoever it might be, and the patient can see that you’ve sent that message. It’s important to build that trust between patient and clinician and know that you are staying with that patient.”



Helen Pardoe, CCIO:
“The one I see most is the ability to reply to a message while you’re on the move. You often walk around the hospital a lot. We know from studies that doctors, porters and nurses can cover six to eight kilometres daily at work, even though we are only a small site. Now you can answer your message between wards and locations, so you’ve saved time because you’re on the move and can quickly reply to that task and then release the person who’s contacted you to carry on with their work.”



Ed Prosser-Snelling, CCIO:
“I think there are some specific benefits to the end user. So you, for example, you can have multimodal communications. So one of my main advantages has been the ability to create large groups to communicate with … I think the key thing that Alertive is allowing us to do is to stratify communications, so things which only need to take a short amount of time now only to take a short amount of time, things which require a longer conversation. You still have that conversation, and it’s more valuable.”



Emily Wells, CNIO:
“Historically, we know that the Trust was using a number of different ways of communicating Bleeps, deck phones, WhatsApp and Teams, and not always in the right way. What Alertive enables is a safe way that we can securely message patient information. What we are then able to do if there’s an investigation, for example, is acquire that full transcript of the conversation. So we’ve got much more evidence than we would’ve had previously.”


Nancy Fontaine, Chief Nurse: “If you are a nurse, a support worker, or a ward clerk, you are desperate to get hold of a clinical colleague to come and review a patient. You’ve been paging and then paging a second time and a third time, and that’s not because you’re being ignored but because someone else is busy. That’s more time away from the patient. What Alertive brings is an immediate response. You can see on Alertive that somebody has received and read that message from you. Alertive is improving patient safety, reducing staff stress and allowing people to continue their work in their roles.”