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Partner with Alertive, a pioneer in urgent care coordination solutions. Our mission is to transform the way healthcare teams coordinate in urgent situations, ensuring swift, effective patient care. As we broaden our impact in healthcare, we invite you to be part of this transformative journey.

Trusted by Leading organisations

The Alertive solution is already in use by many of our key healthcare customers and is an important addition to our strategic portfolio. The webinar we hosted was one of the most successfully attended in our history, which is a testament to the interest in the value of the solution

Tony Brar Director, Charterhouse Group

Alertive Solution: urgent care coordination

Reasons to Partner: Unlocking long-term Mutual Success

  • Business Critical Application Alertive supports business-critical activity across the urgent care pathway, enabling partners to deepen their strong relationships with customers.
  • Driving Digital Transformation Alertive enables digital transformation, making it a good fit for partners looking to implement sustained programs of technology improvement in different areas.
  • Competitive Advantage We’re dedicated to our partners’ success, offering exclusive resources, training, collaborative promotions, and joint event opportunities.
  • Delivering Value Across user base Our product attracts broad user adoption and high levels of visibility, creating a positive perception of value.
  • Future-Proof Alertive is interoperable with other systems and infrastructure, making it an essential product for healthcare organisations looking to build long-term sustainable solutions.
  • Comprehensive Support Benefit from exclusive resources, training, co-create promotional materials, joint events and support to maximise partnership effectiveness.
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