Managing Handovers & Roles

  • Converse on behalf of roles representing responsibilities or specific duties
  • Roles can be shared among multiple users based on duty schedules
  • Only one user can occupy a role at a time, with actions to pass the role to others
  • To acquire a role, swipe right to left (iOS) or click ‘acquire’ (Android) on the role in the accounts screen
  • Occupied roles are visible on the user screen and in the user directory
  • Avoid sending messages to empty roles without an occupant
  • Relinquish your role at the end of your shift by swiping right to left (iOS) or selecting ‘Relinquish’ (Android)
  • Optionally, give the role to another user for the next shift
  • Take an occupied role by swiping right to left (iOS) or selecting ‘Take’ (Android) if needed. The previous user will be notified
Training - Managing Handover & Roles, Nurse with mobile phone

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