Digital Transformation in Emergency Care: Achieving NHSE ED Targets

Digital Transformation in Emergency Care 

The recent NHSE update on the urgent and emergency care capital incentive scheme highlights the drive to hit performance targets within short timeframes. With a spotlight on improving the four-hour performance metrics in A&E departments, NHSE is keenly incentivising Trusts to innovate and excel. At the heart of this initiative is the potential of digital technology to revolutionise healthcare delivery, a potential vividly illustrated by the success story of Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals.

The integration of digital technology within the emergency department (ED) at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, as detailed in the “Reshaping Emergency Care” blog, offers a compelling testament to the transformative power of digital solutions in healthcare. Through a collaborative effort involving multiple initiatives, with Alertive playing a pivotal role, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust achieved a remarkable increase in patient triage efficiency. The hospital witnessed over 1,500 more patients admitted, transferred or discharged per month within the target four hours per month in 2023 compared to the previous year, alongside a 7.95% increase in managing patients within the four-hour target and significant reductions in ambulance wait times.

The success of Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust indicates how digital technology can significantly impact urgent and emergency care services. NHSE’s capital incentive scheme and the broader push for digital transformation within the NHS emphasise the need for Trusts to explore and adopt digital solutions that can deliver measurable improvements in patient care. The emphasis should be on selecting solutions that can offer clear, quantifiable benefits in terms of operational efficiency, patient triage times, and overall patient care quality.

In embracing digital transformation, the NHS can ensure that the successes witnessed at individual Trusts like Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust become widespread, fundamentally enhancing the delivery of urgent and emergency care across the health service. The journey of digital transformation is ongoing, and the NHSE incentive scheme provides a timely impetus for Trusts to accelerate their digital adoption efforts, driving toward a future where digital technology underpins excellence in patient care.